Nokia Confirms new Lumia 928 via Teaser Website

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Posted 4 years ago

Nokia Lining up “Real” PureView Windows Phone This YearLast year’s release of the Lumia 920 was a turning point for Nokia. Until the launch of its current flagship phone, the Finnish company was regarded by many as a great maker of feature phones that was unable to quite make the grade in the smartphone market. The 920 and its little brother, the Lumia 820 proved a critical success; however, thus far, great reviews have not converted into great sales, especially in the U.S.

Of the 5.6 million Lumia handsets shipped globally during the first quarter of this year, only 400,000 were in the U.S., which suggests that something a little bit more appealing is needed. That something could come in the form of the latest Lumia 928.

Originally leaked on Twitter a few weeks back, the 928 is expected to be officially launched on May 14 at an event in London, where “the next chapter of the Lumia story” will be preached. And today, we are able to see just what the new handset looks like thanks to a teaser on Nokia’s U.S. website.

First spotted by Engadget, the teaser features an image of the phone being held, and seemingly focuses on the camera capabilities, with the tagline “Capture the Highlights.” Showing the image of three people in the water at dusk, the photo is probably a hint at the camera’s ability to perform in low-light conditions.

The image on the website does not reveal the name of the smartphone; however, the URL does, as does a billboard and Vanity Fair spread spotted at the weekend. Interestingly, the phone on the website does not show any Verizon branding, as can be seen in other released pictures.

No concrete information has been released on specs, although rumors suggest the new phone to be a thinner and lighter version of the 920, boasting a Samsung-developed 4.5-inch AMOLED display, an 8.7-MP PureView camera similar to the one found in the current flagship device, 1GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage.

Nokia is also keeping quiet on a launch date for the Lumia 928, but all is likely to be revealed regarding release at the May 14 event. We’ll also have to wait until the London show to see whether this device has what it takes to bring Nokia and Windows Phone 8 the U.S. success it so desperately craves.

– Anthony Carter

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