Nokia Knows Samsung Leads In Smartphone Stakes

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Posted 4 years ago


Nokia Knows Samsung Leads In Smartphone StakesSmartphone shipments of 258.4 million during the third quarter signals a 9% jump from the last quarter of this year’s 237 million. Apple, Samsung and others that include Nokia have all been encouraged by the tremendous increase and resultant huge sales.

Though Nokia isn’t anywhere near Samsung, as Samsung is clearly the company leader of the smartphone pack even their company have seen much gain from the lustful cell phone market needy.

So Samsung is the biggie:

Inclusive of feature phones and smartphones, Samsung’s complete tally of mobile device shipments bulged at 115.4 million. Samsung owns 24.7% of the whole entire mobile gadget market. Apple takes a paltry second with just 7.2% of the wildly popular market of mobile devices.

And what of Nokia? The company sold 8.8 million Lumia smartphones. They have outdone any previous sales figures set by the company previously.

Nokia, though, won’t have very long before Microsoft absorbs their company.

In this dog eat dog world, there are winners and there are those that come trotting in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.


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