Nokia Lining up “Real” PureView Windows Phone This Year

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Posted 5 years ago

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this February, it will be one year since the world first laid eyes on Nokia’s astonishing 41 megapixel 808 PureView smartphone. The handset was labeled by many to be the best phone on show at last year’s MWC, with the crisp and clear shots of Nokia’s oversampling technique, impressing seemingly everyone. There was one thing letting the 808 PureView down, though, and that was the Symbian OS. If only Nokia could add this technology to a Windows Phone, they would be on to a winner. Yes, the Lumia 920 was branded as a PureView smartphone, but it really wasn’t. It had the camera stabilizing springs of a PureView, but not the huge sensor, therefore, it could only be ever seen as a camera masquerading as a real PureView.

So the wait goes on for a “real” PureView Windows Phone; however, according to The Verge, 2013 will be the year that the waiting ends. Citing sources familiar with Nokia’s plans for the coming year, The Verge has revealed today that a true PureView Windows Phone, including a sensor similar to that of the 808, will be released as a high-end Lumia in the range of Nokia’s for 2013.

Currently codenamed EOS, the device is expected to be built with an aluminum shell as opposed to the polycarbonate that is used on current Lumia devices, and will feature squared edges in what is set to be a new look for Nokia’s new cycle of handsets.

The PureView technology in a Lumia Windows Phone is certainly something to get excited about given just how good of a phone the Lumia 920 is; however, fitting such a huge sensor in the device will not be without its problems, especially when it comes to weight. Nokia has already drawn criticism for weight of bulkiness of the Lumia’s (the 920 is 10.7 mm and 185 grams) and adding a PureView sensor will certainly do no favors in either department. Having said that, Nokia may feel this is a price people must pay for such advanced technology, and it is not an issue I am overly concerned about at present.

According to The Verge’s sources, AT&T will stock the handsets later this year, although no specifics are given on when exactly this will be, I can think of few phones more intriguing to look forward to this year.

– Anthony Carter

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