Nokia Lumia 925 to Ship with ‘Glass Screen’

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Posted 4 years ago

Nokia Lumia 925 to Ship with ‘Glass Screen’After its big unveiling at a dedicated Luria event in London last month, Nokia’s latest flagship Lumia 925 is now available to buy in Germany. Nokia confirmed on Monday that the device will be made available in other European countries next before launching in China and the United States soon after. Also part of the Finnish company’s announcement was an interesting new software application called ‘Glass Screen.’

Nokia has been working on a variety of firmware improvements for its Lumia Windows Phone 8 series over the last few months and Glass Screen is one of these. Set to remain as an exclusive app on the Lumia 925 until a Windows Phone 8 amber software update is released in July, Glass Screen is the sort of feature that iPhone and iPad users would love to have.

Glass Screen is a new standby screen feature and provides users with the option of waking up a phone with a simple double-tap of the screen. This means no wear-and-tear is caused to the power button, hence the reason why it would be very handy to iOS users.

The most visible benefit of Glass Screen is a bold clock that will be displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen when the phone is in standby. Other information such as battery levels and call volume status can also be displayed, which certainly beats the fully black screen that most of us are used to. Users will also have the ability to switch to a night mode for reduced screen glare in the dark.

Nokia’s Glass Screen is currently in beta, with a full version likely to be rolled out in the amber software update. It is not yet clear which devices will get Glass Screen, but as it is going to be a selling point, expect most Windows 8 Lumia devices to get the new feature.

– Anthony Carter

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