Note Taking App Google Keep Pops up but Disappears Soon After

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Posted 4 years ago

googlekeepOver the last couple of years, Google has spent a lot of time ridding itself of old projects, the most recent of these, of course, being the much publicized Google Reader. Late in 2011, the search giant also decided to send Google Notebook to the recycle bin – an application that allowed users to save and organize notes collected online.

Google, though, is not all about cleaning out the old stuff; they are also working on new projects, and a year and a half after Notebook was discontinued, the company has moved to fill the void with Google Keep – but don’t get too excited just yet because it’s not quite ready to use.

Google Keep is the company’s version of Evernote and allows users to take notes, pictures and make checklists, color-coding each one and archiving specific notes for future reference. The new app went live yesterday, but disappeared soon afterwards, indicating a mistake from someone in the office. However, the new Drive feature did not escape the ever-attentive guys at Android Police, who managed to grab some screenshots before Google pulled the app.

Google was already known to have been working on Keep, and this is not the first time we’ve seen it. Last July, an official Google+ post was published containing a link labeled “save to Google Keep” – this was also done accidentally, in another case of a Google pressing the wrong button!

Google Keep will probably go live for real in the coming days/weeks and it is no surprise to see the company take interest in the note-taking market once again given the popularity over the past couple of years in apps such as Evernote, OneNote, and Pocket. Keep will fit seamlessly in with the cloud-based Google Drive products and is likely to provide some real competition to those apps at the top of the market.

You can see those Android Police screenshots by clicking here.

– Anthony Carter

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