“NSA Proof” Blackphone Now Available

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Posted 3 years ago


"NSA Proof" Blackphone Now AvailableCan a phone really be impenetrable to NSA snooping?

The Blackphone is being heralded as just that, impenetrable via the device being “NSA-proof.” It runs on a super-duper private PrivatOS Android set-up, will set you back $629.

A major selling point has been made that the apps it comes equipped with could run in excess of $700 when purchased separately, though they’re included free for Blackphone customers. Sharing data, sending/receiving messages, and a chat, are on board and ready to use.

Blackphone security: Blocking apps from obtaining your data, through geo-locational means is something that you set up as the user. A boatload of options for “permissions” presents itself in the phone settings.

I don’t know how the NSA snoops carry out their clandestine missions, and I don’t know anything at all, yet, about this Blackphone’s PrivateOS version of Android, so from a journalist’s ordinary Joe perspective, I’m in the dark about the Blackphone.

Rich Casale


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