NSA Seeks Quantum Computer To Break Encryption

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Posted 4 years ago


NSA Seeks Quantum Computer To Break EncryptionThe very notion of not needing to compute to get an answer is at the very heart of understanding the implausible nature of Quantum Mechanics. Ambiguously, long-shunned as the public’s inability to grasp the high learning curve needed to have a foundation in understanding fantastic science, needing a quantum leap in thinking way outside the box, is secondly at the very heart of understanding what is being called the Quantum computer.

The semantics surrounding the case for the NSA creating a quantum computer to own the web (one of the NSA’s imperatives, so its obsessed researcher Mr. Snowden has shown leaked documents of already), getting there by firstly using the we’re-working-on-it-hard-right-now-spending-tons-of-capital planned Quantum computer to break every encryption code there is, is just plain tabloidtastic at the moment.

For chrissakes, maybe the NSA can take a NASA rocket ship and work on it on some planet where the bruhaha about it will take a long time to get back to Earth. How about your Uranus?

Rich Casale


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