NSA Snoop Snowden Exposed – Spy Versus Spy As Good And Bad Hackers Vie

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Posted 3 years ago

NSA Snoop Snowden Exposed - Spy Versus Spy As Good And Bad Hackers Vie

Edward Snowden

It is the real spy versus spy, as the United States’ organization with the good hacks, the United States’ EC-Council faced a humongous hack during the weekend’s respite.

Edward Snowden, famed NSA snoop’s not-known-to-many’s countenance on his actual driver’s license showed up on the home page of EC-Council. Endless reams of personal data in rabid abundance, culled from  60,000 security professionals applying for, or, getting their Certified Hacker status with the EC-Council, was obtained by accessing photo IDs and passports, as well as (CEH qualification) application emails.

Snowden is the tip of the iceberg, though, as US military, political, United Nations, NSA, and FBI members had their personal details heisted.

The “certified unethical hacker” accessed the information by utilizing a DNS redirect. There wasn’t adequate security at that location.

The Spy Vs. Spy scenario, from a world gone mad, is taken of course, by me, from MAD! magazine’s long-running comic strip. I am taking a cue from it as is borne out by this story.

The devious hacker causing all the damage is dubbing his/her self, Eugene Belford.

Anyone see 1995’s “The Hackers”? I have already written about the movie called “The Fifth Estate” from last year I believe, and from these films it is obvious what the allure is to a hacker’s mind, infected to create chaos, or to be an envoy of evil, or simply greedily feed their venomous egos.

Bottom line: As a personal aside, everyone is vulnerable to hackers. Make sure your security is everything it should be on your devices and your personal and business web pages. And, on a grand scale, may the good guys always win.

This is all big news as safety and security are paramount to living comfortably in the United States, as per the target nation.

Rich Casale


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