Nvidia Announces New Tegra 4 Quad-core Processor

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Posted 5 years ago

In a week that is set to be dominated by the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Sunday 6 January, 2013 saw the event’s first big unveiling as Nvidia revealed its much-rumored and Tegra 4 processor, the chipset that is set to take quad-core performance in smartphones and tablets to the next level.

At the Santa Clara-based company’s press conference at CES on Sunday, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang labeled the processor its “worst kept secret” – maybe so, but the unveiling of the Tegra 4 is no less exciting.

The new chip has been dubbed “the world’s fastest mobile processor,” and comes with 72 GPU cores, four ARM Cortex-A15 processors, and support for 4G LTE technology. What this means to us, is that we can expect something that is considerably faster than the current ARM Cortex-A9 Tegra 3 chipset, which is far from a sluggish piece of technology!

Speaking on stage, Huang demonstrated the capabilities of the new chip on a Google Nexus 7 tablet, comparing it with the powerful Nexus 10 to show off just how much faster Tegra 4 tablets will be. The latest Tegra took 27 seconds to load 25 unique webpages, obliterating the Tegra 3 Nexus 10, which took 50 seconds to complete the same task. Huang was also keen to tell those in attendance that the new chip is faster than Apple’s iPad 4 and the Droid DNA, and up to three and a half times faster than Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

“If you load a webpage using Tegra 4, it comes up in a second,” said Huang. “With this processor, there’s no more waiting around.”

In addition to its showing off the Tegra 4’s webpage loading prowess, the Nvidia CEO explained how the processor out-performed the competition in the camera department, taking four snaps in just 0.2 seconds – 10 times faster than the iPhone 5. Other camera tricks that the Tegra 4 has in its locker include HDR panorama and tracking an image, such as a moving object, without losing focus.

On the gaming front, Huang told the audience that Tegra Zone had been downloaded some six million times, and now boast a larger portfolio of games.

As with the Tegra 3 chip, Nvidia has stuck with the 4-plus-1 design, with the much smaller fifth core helping extend battery life by regulating power consumption.

The announcement of the Tegra 4 is a great way to start the week at CES, let’s hope the rest of the Vegas show continues in the same fashion!

– Anthony Carter

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