NY And L.A. Sunday News – Amazon delivers

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Posted 4 years ago


NY And L.A. Sunday News - Amazon deliversWhat does a company do to find more time to quickly get its deliveries to its customers?

Amazon has found the answer: Deliver packages on Sunday.

Amazon are primed and ready as they have, according to reports, been already spending just about $14 billion dollars widening its warehouse capabilities, over a three year stratagem. Even those who buy products only costing $25 dollars to $35 dollars are getting free deliveries.

The United States Postal Service and Amazon have struck up a deal so that all customers, beginning first with the metropolises in the Los Angeles and New York vicinities, will have the option of Sunday delivery.

The implications for the shopping malls and neighborhood stores, is that their monopoly over weekend shoppers now has staunch competition from Amazon.

In 2014, Amazon’s customers in other big cities in the United States like Phoenix, New Orleans, Dallas, and Houston will also have the choice of Sunday delivery.

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