Obama ‘Techs’ In To Get Healthcare.gov Website Humming

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Posted 4 years ago


Obama 'Techs' In To Get Healthcare.gov Website HummingPresidents are known for promises. Some are kept and some are broken. And if Obamacare is gonna sate the masses, the website Healthcare.gov at the heart of it has got to be unplagued of its virtual difficulties en masse that it currently has.

The Department of Health and Human Services has got going forward, what is termed a “tech surge”, that must have the requisite qualified outside consultants coming in to up the ante on what must be done.

And a whole lot must be done.

The HHS seems to be appearing mighty impressive by its boast of 19 million ‘unique’ visits. What is crucial and is a huge technical hurdle to leapfrog, is that the contractors going in must have Federal Information Security Management Act certification.

So far, the front end of the site is looking good, considering the huge undertaking that it is.  But on the flip side, wrong information being sent to the many health insurance providers has caused headaches concerning account creation.

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