Obamacare Tech Surge On The Verge

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Posted 4 years ago


Obamacare Tech Surge On The VergeHelp has shown up in the form of Google and Oracle workers being reigned in to mend the U.S. government’s Obamacare site.

The medical coverage website has been folly to repeated outages just a month since its October 1st, 2013 launch. Computer engineers from Google Inc., Red Hat Inc., and the Oracle Corporation are flooding in to help President Barack Obama’s administration mend its health insurance exchange site.

The technical surge, has to be purged, standing on the verge of disaster. Getting the site fixed and soon has reached its apex and stands at a critical point, as Americans without health insurance by March 31st (2014) face being fined as much as one percent of their income.

In just the first week that the site was up, 8.6 million visitors were tallied, meeting with software flaws, long waits and the general inability to even begin registering. Though the software code had supposedly been updated through myriad upgrades, error messages continued to pop up for disgruntled users.

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