Obama’s New Twitter Account Brings Outpouring Of Hate

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Posted 2 years ago


Now You Can Embed Twitter Videos On Your WebsiteOn Monday, the President of The United States, Barack Obama got his own Twitter account.

And undercutting the buzz of the moment was a truly horrendous digital response.

Not long after the first mirthful tweet sent from the @POTUS account, a slew of profane and disturbing tweets were directed towards it.

These tweets ranged from strings of curse words to suggesting the President commit suicide, complete with imagery that depicted him as a monkey and worse.

This torrent of digital hate  has been minute in comparison to the multitude of messages of welcome and support for President Obama, and the @POTUS account currently has 2.3 million followers.

The hate-fueled tweets directed towards President Obama are sadly nothing new since the first days of his presidency in 2008, which coincided with the rise of social media and the anonymity it offers those who choose to issue those messages.

It has led to the formation of the ‘Internet Threat Desk’, run by the Secret Service to monitor and investigate all digital threats towards the POTUS.

While there are no stats on record to capture all of the offensive tweets, one slur that was a combination of a racial epithet and Mr. Obama’s name was repeated close to 150 times on Monday, according to Topsy, a company that performs Twitter analysis on certain keywords.

Christopher A. Smith


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