Oracle Introduces Retail Cloud Services

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Posted 2 years ago


Oracle Introduces Retail Cloud ServicesOracle has launched a new group of six Retail Cloud Services.

The services are meant to “provide retailers with rapid access to enterprise-grade applications for managing critical e-commerce, customer engagement, order management, order fulfillment, loss prevention, and brand compliance operations.”

Jill Puleri, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Retail, said “Retailers looking for agility, performance, and cost predictability are increasingly considering the cloud…The new Oracle Retail Cloud Services help eliminate the time and cost constraints that too often hamper retailers’ ability to respond to new opportunities for growth. Just as important, Oracle Retail Cloud Services allow retailers to focus on their business and work on strategic projects that add value to the business.”

She added “IT departments need to deliver meaningful value to the business in time frames that are measured in months…Oracle Retail Cloud Services dramatically accelerate deployments and help retail IT executives shift their focus from system maintenance to business innovation.”


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