Outlining Samsung’s Profit And Slowdown Reasons

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Posted 4 years ago


Outlining Samsung's Profit And Slowdown ReasonsHere’s the ups and downs and business frowns of the Samsung Corporation as of October 26th, 2013. Firstly, the words of the profits:

Samsung’s Q3 operating profit lunged from 26% to 10.2 trillion won (that translates to approximately $9.6 billion dollars). Samsung can thank its chip business, with profits to 2.06 trillion won, spurred on by the demand for chips needed by servers, mobile devices and newfangled game consoles.

The slowdown side:

Samsung issued its continued warning that sales of its smart phones will slow down.

Slowing sales are the Galaxy S4 and the Note3.  Samsung faces stiff competitors’ products like Apple’s ever-popular iPhone. Samsung also has its amped up spending strategy for this last quarter of 2013 to account for a tighter profit margin.

Samsung’s sad songs:

Lastly, Samsung’s curved smart phone, the Galaxy Round as well as the Galaxy Gear smart watch have failed to set the world alight.

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