Palantir App for iOS Offers Tips While You Play Video Games

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Posted 4 years ago


Palantir App for iOS Offers Tips While You Play Video GamesIf you’re a smartphone owner, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve tried out Shazam or Zeebox, or one of the many other less famous audio recognition apps in the past couple of years. Well, while there are apps to help you identify songs and TV shows, the technology has yet to have been applied to gaming. Palantir, a new app that takes its name from the seeing stone system in the Lord of the Rings saga, is changing all that.

Palantir will launch on iOS as a companion app for Middle Earth: Shadow or Mordor, a new game based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s universe, and will work by listening to the game that you are playing, before pulling relevant content, information and tips to help/improve your gameplay.

The second screen experience has become a major aspect in our TV viewing habits; Palantir users will enjoy the same type of experience with gaming, as well as a greater level of interaction and much less of a frustrating time when playing on their console.

The hints and tips that are provided in the app are curated from the game’s Wikia page, meaning that player’s will be able to receive genuine content from the Palantir community and not just generic advice from developers.

Shadow of Mordor is yet to have received an official release date on any platform, but Palantir is available to download now.

It seems like the app is solely dedicated to the forthcoming Middle Earth game at the moment, but it surely won’t be too long until developer Wikia Inc. moves to expand its catalogue.

Check out Palantir now on iTunes.

– Anthony Carter


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