Pandora 5.1 Lets You Wake Up to Your Favorite Music

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Posted 4 years ago


Pandora 5.1 Lets You Wake Up to Your Favorite MusicPandora has just received a brand new update for iOS 7, providing an alternative to that most annoying of morning wake up calls: the alarm clock.

The loud beep of the alarm is the last thing you want to hear when it’s time to get up for work in the morning. Yes, it does its job, but it is irritating and it puts you in a bad mood. A much better way to wake up would be to listen to your favorite tunes – this is exactly what Pandora now offers.

The once all-conquering internet streaming service has been put under significant pressure of late with the release of Apple’s iTunes Radio, but this update proves that Pandora is still the go-to name for online radio.

The alarm clock feature will take its place in the navigation column, which can be found by tapping on the menu button in the Now Playing screen. As you’d expect from an alarm clock, the feature is very minimalistic, sporting a simple toggle switch for turning on and off and options for snoozing at 5, 10, 15, and 20 minutes. When setting the time you would like your alarm to go off, you will have the option of setting the length of snooze, the station, and the volume. When morning comes and the alarm sounds, you can tap the snooze button or shake your device to grab those precious extra few minutes in bed.

There are a couple of downsides to the feature though: firstly, you will need an internet connection for the station to play music, and secondly, the app will need to be left open.

In addition to the alarm clock, Pandora 5.1 sports a redesign that matches the iOS 7 interface and promises a number of “small improvements and bug fixes.”

Pandora has said it plans to bring the alarm clock feature to Android, but has not revealed when.

Pandora 5.1 for iOS can be downloaded by following this link.

– Anthony Carter


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