Path Update Finally Brings Video to Android

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Posted 3 years ago


Path Update Finally Brings Video to AndroidAfter an incredible three-year wait, semi-private social network Path has finally brought its Android app up-to-date with its iOS counterpart by introducing a video capture feature.

Such a wait for a feature that Apple users already have – and are probably bored off by now – might be too long for most Android users, many of whom will be getting their kicks from alternative apps such as Instagram and Vine. However, those that have stuck by Path despite its lack of such a basic offering will now be able to record up to 30 seconds of video and add a selection of Instagram style filters to it.

Path version 3.4 allows the capturing and sharing of video from within the application and is brilliantly easy to use: simply press and hold the camera button. Once a video is captured, a range of pre-selected filters that can be applied before the video is shared on your private timeline, alongside text, location, and photo uploads.

“Path is the trusted place for your personal life. It’s where you can be yourself, stay close to the people who matter most, and share life instead of links. Path gives you complete control over what you share, and who you choose to share with. With its beautiful design and simple experience, Path maintains a 5 star rating and is loved by millions of people – and it’s ad-free,” says the Play Store description.

The new feature is compatible with all Android devices running 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above and is available to download now free. Whether the update captures the attention of users like the app did on its original release remains to be seen, but with such a wait, it’s hard to imagine Vine and Instagram will be quaking in their boots.

– Anthony Carter


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