PayPal’s New Robocall Policy Now Under FCC Scrutiny

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Posted 2 years ago


PayPal Fined $25 Million For Bogus Credit SignupsPayPal has caught a lot of flack concerning their impending policy where customers will receive robocalls without much option to get out of it, as we reported recently.

Now they are drawing some heavy observation from the government.

The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday sent a letter to PayPal, expressing that they had “serious concerns” about the changes that the company looks to make regarding these robocalls.

Director Travis LeBlanc went on to further state that the changes could “violate federal laws governing the use of autodialed, prerecorded and artificial voice calls, including text messages.”

While it issued the letter and a sharp reminder of the rules, there was no request for information — which would have been telling as the beginning of a formal investigation.

That hasn’t stopped New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman from requesting information to begin his own investigative process.

For its part, PayPal issued a statement claiming that it had offered up clarification of the new policy changes, stating that it “had no intention of harassing you.”

They also said that they received the letter from the FCC and are looking forward to issuing a response to their concerns.

Christopher A. Smith


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