Pinterest Introduces Long-Expected Buy Button

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Posted 2 years ago


Pinterest Arrives At $11 Billion ValuationIt was only a matter of time before the social media platform known as Pinterest was going to throw its hat into the ring in terms of online retail shopping.

The social service has been building towards adding a key feature, the buy-button since earlier this year.

We first brought you word of their collaboration with Apple, and Pinterest made it official on Tuesday, launching the new feature for their 70 million users.

Visitors to the platform will notice the button, colored blue, next to the usual ‘pin it’ red button for any item available to purchase.

Buyers will then be able to make their purchases using credit card or Apple Pay in a system powered by both the PayPal-owned Braintree and Stripe.

Spokespeople for Pinterest stated that they wouldn’t be getting a cut of sales from either merchants or customers.

They are partnering with Shopify and Demandware to assist small businesses and slightly larger ones to offer their wares through the site.

It is likely that Pinterest would receive money from those merchants by way of paying to advertise using ‘promoted pins’ to stimulate customer interest.

So now all of those pins that users have been accumulating will translate into something very lucrative for Pinterest going forward.

Christopher A. Smith


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