Police Snoop Snaps From Snapchat

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Posted 4 years ago

Police Snoop Snaps From SnapchatLaw enforcement officers equipped with warrants have snapped up roughly a dozen unopened “snaps” – (the only kind saved on the servers are unopened “snaps”) from the photo-sharing Snapchat app.

Presenting with a warrant is in accordance with the guidelines of the federal Electronic Communications Privacy Act.  Snapchat  let Micah Schaffer, their head of trust and safety, address concerns over what has gone on concerning this issue since the authorities stepped in as of May 2013.

Quelling the mixed emotions this news brings, Schaffer called this paltry amount of “snaps” seized as a drop in the bucket, citing that 350 million “snaps” are sent every day.

Now who would like to offer a photo that can be seen by users for a duration of 24 hours, in what Snapchat calls “Stories”?

The same legal skullduggery with Snapchat’s unerring compliance with the law applies to the “Stories” as it does to the “snaps”.  Now the old adage about posing for ‘animal crackers’ seems to promise about as much fun as a stick in the eye.

Rich Casale


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