Popular Game Dots Gets iPad and Multiplayer Versions

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Posted 4 years ago

Popular Game Dots Gets iPad and Multiplayer VersionsDespite only being released on iPhone a month ago, Dots, the game that involves moving and collecting dots, is getting a native iPad version and multiplayer mode.

When it comes to mobile gaming, it’s the simplest games that work the best and if there is one thing Dots is, it’s simple. As the player, all that is required is to move colored dots around the screen, collecting as many of the same color as you possibly can within 60 seconds. Create squares of dots in the same color and they will disappear from the screen, giving you more points. Now, the description doesn’t really do the game justice, but I can assure you that it is incredibly addictive!

Betaworks, the startup behind the game, says that Dots has been downloaded more than 3 million times on iOS, with more than 250 million games played – up from 100 million two weeks ago. Naturally, the company has decided to ride this wave of popularity and expand the game with an official iPad version and a multiplayer mode that will let several players play the same board at different times in an effort to achieve the best score.

When creators Patrick Moberg and Paul Murphy came up with the game, their intention was to come up with a unique concept, different to anything else on iOS. Soon after Dots was released, the team saw people playing on the subway, comparing scores with each other. Presumably, this was what inspired them to create the new multiplayer mode.

For Android users reading this, you are probably wondering if Dots will ever arrive in the Google Play store. Well, according to Gigaom, the Betaworks team has said an Android version is in the works, as well as a possible untimed version of the game. Let’s just hope they both come sooner rather than later.

– Anthony Carter

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