Popular Password Manager Hacked – Email Addresses, Password Reminders And Encrypted Master Passwords Stolen

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Posted 2 years ago


Adult Dating Site Hacked - Thousands Of Customer Records Leaked OnlineOn Monday, the company behind LastPass, the widely popular password manager announced that their systems had been hacked.

They broke the news in a blog post on their website.

The post stated that their network had been breached, and that the hackers had obtained the password reminders, email addresses and encrypted passwords of users.

LastPass chief executive officer, Joe Siegrist, went on to say that they detected signs of the breach on Friday, and that while they believe that user accounts weren’t fully compromised, the data obtained was a major cause for concern.

Industry experts feel that the information the hackers did get would be the basis for future “phishing” attacks using the stolen email addresses.

This cyberattack was the second breach at LastPass, the first taking place four years ago.

There were signs that hackers might’ve gotten access three weeks prior to detection.

The company has advised users to turn on the multi-factor authentication process as a safeguard and did make assurances that they were confident that their encryption process would help protect their user base.

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