Preinstalled Skype Coming To A Device Near You

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Posted 2 years ago


European Union Court Rejects Skype Trademark ApplicationThe next Android tablet that you purchase in the near future will come with a multitude of apps pre-installed, including Skype.

Microsoft is making good on its promise made in March that Samsung and other OEM partners will provide a bundle of pre-installed applications that not only include Skype, but the Microsoft Office Suite including OneNote.

The initiative has seen the collaborative team grow to include 31 Android manufacturers and 20 global OEM companies including LG, Haier and Sony.

The new application packages are set to be available within the next three months, and speculation has led to reports that the first two tablets to have them could possibly be the highly anticipated LG G Pad X and the Sony Xperia Z4 tablet which will be available in June.

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