Private Eye Email Hacker May Face Prison Time

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Posted 2 years ago


Court Rules: Bulk Collection Of Phone Records Is IllegalA private investigator could now be staring prison in the face once federal prosecutors make their recommendations in a New York courtroom on Friday.

Eric Saldarriaga, of Queens, New York, pled guilty in March to one count of conspiracy to commit computer hacking.

The charge is related to claims that Saldarriaga was hired by the Church of Scientology to gather information on journalists who had written pieces on the church over the past years.

The insistence on a prison sentence, which could see the private eye do six months maximum, is a flag alerting the public as to how seriously the government is viewing the acts of hacking emails and social media accounts.

The request would also be in opposition to the court’s own recommendation that Saldarriaga undergo six months of house arrest followed by three probationary years of supervision.

Saldarriaga admitted to the wrongdoing but also expressed that in doing so he may have prevented a crime concerning a woman who was one of the individuals the Church of Scientology tasked him to investigate.

Others affected feel that giving Saldarriaga jail time while his employers get away without facing court time would be wrong.

Christopher A. Smith


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