PushBullet Receives Push-To-Chrome Update

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Posted 4 years ago


PushBullet Receives Push-To-Chrome Update

PushBullet, an Android app that lets users transfer information on and off their mobile devices, has just received a significant update, which introduces a very useful feature.

PushBullet has made quite the name for itself since launching on Android at the beginning of this year. Billed as being “way easier than email” and “a lot faster than Dropbox”, the app has made moving files from your computer onto your phone a pleasant experience. With its latest version 11.3 update, the start-up has introduced another feature that can make all of our lives easier: push-to-Chrome.

Computer-to-phone transfers are nailed down, and now phone-to-computer transfers will be just as easy. With the new feature, users will now be able to send links, notes, pictures, and other types of files to any computer that runs the Chrome browser.

To take advantage of the new feature, PushBullet users will need to update the Chrome plugin. Once this is done, pushing will become a two-way operation, with sent items appearing on a desktop as notifications, which can then be opened or dismissed. In the event that you dismiss a notification by accident, all is not lost, as PushBullet make all pushed content available for access via its website.

In a blog post detailing the new feature, PushBullet’s Ryan Oldenburg said that the company has been hearing about how great it would be for users to push to other people and have started working on a feature for pushing to family and friends, making it as easy and enjoyable as its current offerings.

The updated PushBullet Android app is available to download on Google Play now and you can get the PushBullet Chrome Extension here. If you’re not already a PushBullet user, you will need to head on over to www.pushbullet.com to sign up via Google+.

– Anthony Carter


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