Quagmire: Samsung Ire Is Fired Over A Film And Article

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Posted 3 years ago


Quagmire: Samsung Ire Is Fired Over A Film And ArticleA film released on February 6th that is seen as being against Samsung, called Another Promise, has been supposedly ordered to be taken down by an online South Korean newspaper’s president. Through a bout of texts ending up in the wrong hands, the Pressian out of South Korea then published revealing texts showing that Samsung had played a hand in this scenario, directly.

Supposedly, the film’s story had been changed falsely to allay any legal actions resulting from it. The film seriously deals with highly-charged health issues including workers affected by chemical fumes and gas leaks.

Belittling any personal stakes in the article, Park Jung-kyu who is the president of NewDailyBiz complained of sleepless nights and has tried to patch things up with all concerned parties.

Samsung denies any ire that might have been fired, in a nutshell, in a retraction letter as a response to the activities.

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