Quora Exposed: Seedlings Peddling Sage Advice

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Posted 4 years ago

Quora Exposed: Seedlings Peddling Sage Advice“Just how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?”

The Bloomberg Report opened a YouTube video that features a short clip of an interview with Quora co-founder Charlie Cheever with this question being the punchiest line of the opening bid spoken by the attractive female narrator. The video is titled “Get Answers To Your Questions.”

Immediately picked up on, as the interview has barely begun, is the suspect nature of Quora’s very existence, as it is the same as the internet itself, basically; the premise of which is to get answers to questions.

Yahoo Answers does this very same thing and have been around for a very long time. The astute man who is doing the interview face to face with Cheever begins his preamble as the Quora “brainchild” sits across from him, a disheveled-shirted, Doogie Howser M.D. lookalike.

The excrement-eating grin never leaves the countenance of Mr. Cheever who feels that Quora has the answers that other sites just don’t. The schlocky-looking tan jacket that hangs on Cheever’s upper frame does nothing to counter the dopey look on his face.

Is everybody as disappointed with the answers to questions that exist on the internet as Charlie Cheever claims? Is Quora onto anything other than a well-worn beaten track to assumed truth and facts?

Finding a computational way to solve problems using algorithms is not what Quora is about, as the simpleton speak of Charlie Cheever goes like this: “Quora is more people-driven. I think what’s great about Quora is the quality of answers that users write that comes from the quality of the people using the service”.

Gee, so you put in your Apple ID, and you download the Quora app and you make up a password. I qualify to use the service. Yet if I answer someone’s recipe question the quality of my answer might cause the people eating the food a bit of ojida, as I’m not a great chef by a long shot.

Yet, I love to talk about my specialties that I cook up like my Beer Raisin Nutcake. Which I don’t want to reveal the secret ingredient in the recipe for unless someone is going to offer me money for it. So it’s not worth it for me as I really think I should make a few dollars if I’ve got to give up trade secrets. How can Quora put the clarion call out for quality and then not understand that the answers are not always free of charge?

Just a few days ago I asked an intentionally dumb question on Quora, to test the waters: “Will iPhone 5 be followed up by an iPhone 6 soon?.” It was flagged as needing improvement on the question. So they can’t understand that I am simply asking, in an quick manner, “when does the iphone 6 come out”?

On Facebook I wouldn’t have had a question filter and one of my multitude of friends would have dashed upon my question and told me something to straighten me out and josh with me. Instead, for Quora it does not compute — does not compute — does not compute — does not compute, ad infinitum.

The facts flash on the screen: Quora was founded in 2009, went beta in 2010. Quora has 25 employees, $11 million in venture capital; Quora has over 60,000 topics.


Four years later, and a bare bones look begs the question:

Where did all the money go?

It surely didn’t go towards Cheever’s wardrobe if his dumpy ‘casual’ look for millions of YouTube viewers is to catch us any indication. So how does this social media bookmarking site make any money?

It turns out that they are funded, supposedly, by PC companies.

Now that is interesting.

Siri answers your questions by speaking them to you right from your phone and Google’s search engine has seen some advancements in recent times, with Bing not far behind in getting you where you want to go on the world wide web.

What Quora does is, in Cheever’s own quickly-spoken vacuous words, which make almost no sense at all in that they are vague and generalized and rambling so much so that I can’t be bothered to even quote this man, is best summed up by the end of the vid.

The interviewer wraps it up by saying that Cheever/Quora are “all over the map.”

Interesting stuff’. The cute girl that led into the brief interview is now laughing out loud as the clip closes.

The Blank Generation are at the helm of Quora, it seems. The future looks grim.

That was 2011.

Two years later, here in 2013, there is another YouTube video on Quora’s own channel, entitled “Quora: What is it like to work at Quora?” What separates Quora is “continuous deployment” says one youngster, manning the computers.


So does that mean that my question may be answered by someone other than John Q Public, but rather, an eager beaver know-it-all at Quora’s own HQ throwing an expert answer in?

“Our mission is to share and grow the world’s knowledge” says Adam D’Angelo, Founder and CEO of Quora, whose One Direction-al look of naivete goes hand in hand with how barely past pimple-faced age he appears.

Quora: Infantile or Juvenile thinking?; I haven’t decided. But whatever is in their pipe that they’re smoking over there at Quora HQ is surely delusion-making contraband. Though it’s been four years that the company has been around, they would like us to excuse them, as Quora is, as they admit, still in the development stage.

Developing bad habits, that is.

Quora has stickers available, and maybe you’ll want to get one, as they obviously have the answers that we don’t have the experience, or the resources, nor is it safe to trust in our own instincts to conclude our queries. Frighteningly sad state of affairs with Quora.

No wonder soothsayers, wizards, clairvoyants, healers, and Harry Potter come in handy in this new dark age of knowledge. And Quora has to be, hands down, the worst name for a website in a long while.

Quora is peppered with riddles, alliterations, jokes and half-cocked aspersions, casting doubt on their database, as to what could be actual fact.

Honing their edges is The Street TV:

Check out this YouTube video that puts together a little news team editorial piece, on an informative Youtube channel, TheStreetTV  with the video uploaded May 13th, 2013 entitled “Old Dog, New Blog: Path and Quora.”

Have a quora? Jim Cramer asks questions and the Urken siblings answer. (Path is an add-on to Facebook and has nothing to do with Quora.)

With only 22 views in 3 months, as the stats for the above YouTube video, the quest for Quora may be a singular one that only I have actually taken on. Such is the chore and boredom that Quora incurs by the very nature of it’s mundane existence. Let’s face it, nobody likes redundancy. And if you have as much venture capital, as TechCrunch.com made known as far back as 2010, as Quora does, with the company valued at $86 million, then why play the Q&A game?

So undefined are Quora’s real goals as they attenuate their ranks, roping in John Hegeman from Facebook in April of this year, to lead it’s engineering efforts. Quora continue to hire smart people, as Quora dishes out the big money to swell it’s ranks. The little yacht that could, Quora, trundles on unable and unwilling to stop thinking big.

Hopefully, Quora is not a play on the word ‘quarry’, as in mining for gold.

If I had some time to twiddle my thumbs, or pick my nose, I would do just that rather than ask Quora questions I’ll get answers to while asleep and dreaming.


Does playing a song real good on Guitar Hero make you a superstar?

Stupid question, but as Quora wants the other 90% of what’s in our minds, they are going to have to wade through topographical oceans of inanity.

Don’t believe Quora could be bad?

Here’s a real question straight from Quora with Albert Einstein’s thumbnail schtoopid- looking pic for the topic of “Intelligence.”

Quora: ‘Answer added to topic intelligence: What Does It Feel Like to X? What is it like to always be the smartest person in the room?’ Answer on Quora: “6.4k Anonymous – It sucks. It means you’re in the wrong room.’ They should have called this topic “Brainfarting.”

Quora is so bad, I would even consider, after too much exposure to them, having a chip implanted in my brain with all the world’s truly useful knowledge.

It’s got a little tiny Q on it.


I just gave Quora an idea. ‘They got more money, (as the saying goes), than God” to do it.

Here’s the supplication of a 2012 badge bearer of the supposedly-coveted Quora Top Writers Initiative.

Cue apocalypse music.

– Rich Casale

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