RapGenius Rank KO’ed By Google

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Posted 4 years ago


RapGenius Rank KO'ed By GoogleRapGenius, being cocky potty mouths who think being downright disgusting, crude and lewd if they want to be is okay, have now used crooked SEO methods to make them appear high and mighty in rank on Google. A deal was set up through the “Rap Genius Blog Affiliate” program with John Marbach’s email-filtering Glider company,  in what was thought to be a brainy and profitable plan. It certainly was not.

RapGenius who are a popular lyric-decoding website, excused themselves like thugs generally do by saying others are doing worse stuff,  stating with little grace and poise but at least a street-guilty plea –“We effed up”.

Google is punishing the grey hat linking methods used by RapGenius by knocking them a handful of pages back. Even with negotiations that Google extended the courtesy with RapGenius on Christmas day with, to try to resolve the matter, Google’s knockout punch for this company’s SEO spam remains a tough hurdle for it to come back from.

The head of RapGenius, Mahbod Moghadam, is so outrageously insipid that he added injury (excuse) to insult a scant few months back, by coming up with this trash in the aftermath of telling Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, “s*ck my dick”:

“It was a fetal benign tumor, and – honestly I think this – it was the cause of me acting like an as*hole and telling all these ballers to s*ck my dick.” One news reporter even went as far as to emblazon a headline, citing Mr. Moghadam as a person demonstrating “Extreme As*hole Behavior”.

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