READ THIS Before Your Installation of Windows 8.1

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Posted 4 years ago


READ THIS Before Your Installation of Windows 8.1Installation of the new Windows iOS 8.1, (by Microsoft) is the latest update.

Read carefully though, because it is a bit tricky.

Do you have multiple computers?

Have you installed the Windows 8.1 Preview?

Listen closely Windows 8 users: Making sure you have a reliable broadband connection download the update from Microsoft’s Window Store. Don’t get frustrated, it is to be expected that you may have to attempt the download more than once. It’ll be found as the Windows 8.1 Update Live Tile.

You found it?

Good. A few clicks and you’ll have gotten the download going just right.

P.S.: Be sure to tell other Windows 8 users you know that they really need to read this article.

Rich Casale


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