Real-Time Messaging From Hop

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Posted 4 years ago

Real-Time Messaging From HopEmail is starting to feel like old hat, especially for personal use. Ping, who as of today are to be known officially as “Hop”, may have come upon their (now new and improved) mobile messaging app just at the right time in history and at just the right time to make it better than ever.

As of today the celebration of Ping’s transformation to Hop is made manifest by the mobile messaging app being optimized for iOS 7; syncing swiftly. Copying  what is good in the  ol’ email make-up is that Hop has added cc: and bb: fields, along with the subject topic to further dispell the notion that it is anything like “messaging apps” like Snapchat, Whatsapp, Path and MessageMe. The real fact is that Hop is more akin to Boxer or Mailbox, both mobilized email clients. Hop made sure it would not be another SMS- replacing tool.

Hop, like email, lets you add attachments that will show up in two places: When browsing the album for the message thread, and in the message thread itself. Hop is able to handle Gmail, AOL, iCloud and Yahoo mail accounts.

You know Hop is revolutionizing the mobile realm: Two email users are on hop simultaneously, and the thread of both of them transforms itself into a real-time back-and-forth conversation, replete with on-screen indication that shows when the other person is tapping their keypad/board.  And just like email, attachments can be tagged on.  Hop can do even more. Hop can add photos, add video, add doodles, add voice messages, add office files, create customized alerts for whomever it is you want –  while at the same time other contacts remain silenced. Furthermore, Hop can have your contact list shuffled around while highlighting those you chat with most; do a message search; let messages lay dormant till you want to access them.

Richard Casale


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