ReCode Acquired By Vox Media

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Posted 2 years ago


Vox_Media_logo.svgIn a move that speaks to the tempestuous atmosphere that surrounds the field of digital journalists focusing on the tech industry, ReCode now has a new parent company.

The all-stock deal which has Vox Media acquire the company founded by seasoned journalists Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg was announced today.

The full financial details weren’t made public at the time of the announcement.

It’s a deal that highlights Vox Media’s continued pursuit of a business platform that boasts a bevy of popular news websites such as Curbed and The Verge to name a couple.

ReCode has added a good deal of luster to its reputation since being created as a niche site of sorts that was previously associated with the Wall Street Journal back in 2007.

It has grown to be a go-to site for technology executives looking for quality news.

Despite that, it has consistently faced issues in terms of drawing major traffic to the site.

Vox’s acquisition means that ReCode’s ability to break impactful news stories can be a boon to sites like The Verge, that cover the same field but don’t specialize in the business aspect of the industry.

In addition, Vox Media’s hefty visitor numbers, over 53 million alone spread over the bulk of its digital empire, means more eyes on ReCode which can aid the strengthening of their brand.

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