Redact Offers Cash Reward for Anyone that can Crack its Messaging App

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Posted 4 years ago

Redact Offers Cash Reward for Anyone that can Crack its Messaging AppIf you came up with an app that you believed to be completely secure, how would you go about backing your claims up? I’m guessing not many people would be willing to put their money where their mouth is, which makes a boast by British company Redact particularly interesting.

Having developed a Secure Messenger app, Redact has put up a bounty of £10,000 ($15,482) to any hacker able to intercept an encrypted message delivered over the company’s PIN-to-PIN service.

Redact says it will choose 20 applicants to take part in the challenge at a yet unknown London location, and only the best hackers need apply.

“We’re pretty confident it can’t be done, but obviously, we anticipate tons of people trying,” the firm told The Guardian. “We figure the longer it stays uncracked, the more secure we are.”

The company is certainly confident of its app and has set up a micro-site named Modern Day Turing (after British Wehrmacht code breaker Alan Turing) for those wanting to apply to get started.

Obviously, such a challenge makes for great publicity if you are looking to generate interest in an app, but Redact has more on the line than cash and pride – they are looking to secure a contract to handle the secure data of the UK government.

Currently only available for iPhone, Secure Messenger is developed to create a peer-to-peer connection that is “triple encrypted” with only the first connection made through a server. The lack of third party servers is what the company believes will make their app more secure than the popular messaging services most of us are used to.

Deleted messages will be automatically wiped from both phones, regardless of whether it appears on the screen of the other person in the conversation. There is also a unique entry code for users to access the service – which is not stored by Redact – and secure username.

Redact Secure Messenger is currently only available for iOS (priced $5.99), but the company has promised a version for Android, Windows Phone 8 and desktop. Hackers looking to take part in the challenge have until June 1 to enter at

– Anthony Carter

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