Reddit Is Beefing Up Their Anti-Harassment Rules

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Posted 2 years ago


Reddit To Begin Producing Original Video ContentReddit, a home for viable and fruitful discussion as well as a place where some of the most outrageous and offensive online behavior on the Internet runs roughshod through its forums, is making a sweeping move to strip that negative aura away.

It’s been reported that the website will be heavily augmenting their anti-harassment rules in the wake of a survey taken by its users last month.

The 15,000 users’ responses to the survey showed that 50% of the highly “dissatisfied” users blamed it on “hateful or offensive content and community.”

The site administrators also cited “the number one reason redditors do not recommend the site—even though they use it themselves—is because they want to avoid exposing friends to hate and offensive content” as a main reason for the changes.

This comes on the heels of changes in policy made to reflect the banning of ‘revenge porn’ posts that had popped up in their forums.

There were no explicit details as what these changes would be in the initial announcement, but one possibility is that any offending user – and moderators of subforums on Reddit – could be banned for their posts that violate the rules and could gain information as to why only by emailing other moderators.

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