Reddit Shutters 5 Communities – Users Express Their Outrage

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Posted 2 years ago


Reddit To Begin Producing Original Video ContentIn a move made to lessen the venomous comments found on the forums of the popular website Reddit, administrators closed down five of their communities which have left users highly upset.

Two of the subreddits, r/hamplanethatred and r/fatpeoplehate, were devoted to the merciless mocking of overweight people.

Users objected mightily to the shutdown, claiming it was a violation of free speech.

But Reddit users have gained a reputation for being undaunted, and so they made their displeasure known in a tongue-in-cheek manner.


By creating the subreddit forum called ” r/fatsteeplehate”.

This forum has all the jokes ranging from mild to vicious that the other forum had – but it’s all directed at church steeples.

And as much as it can seem odd, odds are that this forum won’t be wiped away by Reddit administrators, leaving it as a weird inside joke.

Christopher A. Smith


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