Ringya: The App That Makes Contact Management Easy

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Posted 4 years ago

In this world of smartphones and social media, staying in contact with friends, family and pretty much anyone you’ve ever spoken to is easier than ever. Managing your contacts, however, is not quite so simple. We come into contact with so many different people these days that our desks and refrigerators become swamped with flyers, business cards and numbers scribbled down on paper. These are on top of those already written down in an address book and stored on your phone.

Ringya is a new app that aims to simplify contact management, by letting you put names and numbers in organized groups, thus solving the problem of the ever-increasing contact list. Of course, apps that manage contacts are nothing new for iOS or Android and there are some pretty good ones already out there such as Tacts and Smartr. From a pure organization and management perspective, Ringya does everything that all if the other apps do; however, it also has a unique feature in its locker – one that allows it to stand out from the rest: Rings.

The Rings feature is a pretty inventive addition to the app and allows users to take photos of paper contact lists, and have them converted in to “Rings”, which are basically groups within the app.

Using the photo conversion feature is pretty easy too; simply take a snap of the list with your smartphone camera, wait for a few minutes while the servers process and convert it into contact entries. You can also import Excel and Word document files and enter contacts the good old fashioned manual way should you choose to.

When someone from your list calls you, Ringya will show the caller ID, so you know exactly who it is and whether or not you want to take his or her call. The app also makes it possible to share and manage groups with others, which is a clever touch.

“We created Ringya as a Dropbox for contacts,” said Ringya CEO Gal Nachum in a company press release. “We realized that managing contacts has become a real challenge for users and believe that only by spreading the management and maintenance work over multiple circles of trust can we address this challenge.”

Ringya has been around on iOS for quite a while, but was launched in the Google Play Store just this week. Both versions of the app are available to download for free.

– Anthony Carter

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