Russia’s YotaPhone Gives Apple’s iPhone Battery Life A Challenge

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Posted 4 years ago


Russia's YotaPhone Gives Apple's iPhone Battery Life A ChallengeRussia’s YotaPhone is available. In Russia, that is. The phone’s most notably outstanding attribute involves its battery life — possibly much better than the iPhone. It may not be the most easiest smartphone design to understand, though.

The YotaPhone has one side with an electronic paper display and the inverse an LCD screen. The e-paper uses up power solely during the time that the image changes. If the picture doesn’t change no power drain occurs. YotaPhone users can view their data, without interruption, sans the need to have to power their batteries over and over.

It seems that the YotaPhone is a bit less of a drain on the wallet, also, being on the lesser expensive side of comparable to the iPhone.

– Rich Casale


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