Unveils New Salesforce1 Platform

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Posted 4 years ago

HR Unveils New Salesforce1 plans to establish itself as a full-service CRM (customer relationship management) development platform for social media and mobile devices, with the launch of Salesforce1, which is scheduled to be unveiled at the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco.

While the development platform has long been available to consumers and partners, insists that Salesforce1 is more than a mere rebranding of the same technology.

For example, it offers 10 times as many APIs (application program interfaces), along with new components for building user interfaces, according to Michael Peachey, Senior Director of Solutions Marketing.

Salesforce1 also offers a new mobile app that provides customers a unified way to use Salesforce’s apps, custom-built apps, and third-party-purchased apps.

All in all, it’s a revolution in mobile interfacing.

Charles Herrion


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