Samsung and BlackBerry Devices Cleared for Defense Department Use

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Posted 4 years ago

Samsung and BlackBerry Devices Cleared for Defense Department UseWe’re used to seeing the world’s biggest mobile manufacturers doing battle in the global consumer market, but Samsung, BlackBerry, and Apple going head-to-head in the US Department of Defense is definitely something you do not hear about every day.

The DoD announced back in February that it intends to open up its communications network and give employees the chance to choose a product from Apple or Samsung’s Galaxy range as an alternative to BlackBerry, and it’s good news so far for both BlackBerry and Samsung, as both have received Pentagon clearance.

Pentagon spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Damien Pickart said the DoD has cleared BlackBerry 10 smartphones and Playbook tablets using the Enterprise 10 system, as well as Samsung’s Knox operating system, reported Reuters.

“This is a significant step towards establishing a multi-vendor environment that supports a variety of state-of-the-art devices and operating systems,” said Pickart in an official statement.

No official clearance has yet to have been given to Apple, although, the Pentagon has said that it expects iOS 6 devices to be given the go-ahead sometime over the next few days.

The Pentagon’s initiative reduces the Defense Department’s reliance on just one vendor, and allowing Samsung and Apple devices will give employees access to top-of-the-market communication technology. A report by Electronista back in March suggested that the mobile testing could result in the phasing out of older BlackBerry devices; however, this is something that the Pentagon denied.

The news of BlackBerry 10 and, particularly, BlackBerry Playbook tablets being cleared by the DoD will give the ailing Canadian company a huge boost, but they are not likely to be too pleased about having to compete for position within government, especially when that competition comes from Samsung and Apple.

Reuters reports that there are currently 470,000 BlackBerry users within the Defense Department, with 41,000 using Apple and 8,700 using Android – the latter two platforms mostly being used in test and pilot programs. With Samsung having gained clearance and Apple fully expected to join them, do not be surprised to see these numbers shift quite dramatically in favor of the duopoly over the next couple of years, with BlackBerry 10 handsets simply making up the numbers.

 – Anthony Carter

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