Samsung announces Galaxy S4 Sales of 10 Million

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Posted 4 years ago

Samsung announces Galaxy S4 Sales of 10 MillionLast week Samsung CEO Shin Jong Kyun predicted that sales of the new flagship Galaxy S4 would soon pass 10 million globally. Yesterday, that prediction came true as the company officially announced the milestone, and a new sales record to boot.

Samsung had unprecedented success with the Galaxy S3, and its successor has been one of the most highly anticipated smartphones of all-time. Unveiled at a swanky, but slightly over the top, Broadway-style event in New York, the S4 has justified its hype by reaching 10 million units sold a full 20 days sooner that the S3, making it the company’s fastest selling mobile ever. Released at the end of April, the handset has also sold 10 million, seven months quicker than the original Galaxy S and five months quicker than the Galaxy S2.

The fact that the 5-inch device had passed 6 million sales by May 10, doesn’t make this announcement that much of a surprise; however, with both Sony and HTC releasing new 5-inch quad-core flagship phones this year, the news does show that no one does Android better than Samsung.

With the Galaxy S4 having been made available in 110 countries, with 45 more to come, it is reasonable to expect more records to be broken over the coming months and to keep sales moving at a brisk pace, Samsung has announced that four new colors are on the way for summer. Blue Arctic, Red Aurora, Purple Mirage, and Brown Autumn will join Black Forest and White Mist in the line-up.

In June, the Samsung S4 will also be joined by a Google Nexus Edition, running Android and working with both AT&T and T-Mobile’s 4GLTE networks. Although, it comes with a hefty $649 price tag, high demand is expected, adding even more millions to the already all-conquering Galaxy range.

– Anthony Carter

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