Samsung Confirms 30 Million Worldwide Sales of Galaxy S III in 5 Months

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Posted 5 years ago

With just under two months still to go before the end of 2012, Korean handset maker Samsung has announced that sales of their flagship smartphone – the Galaxy S III – have passed thirty million units, well ahead of the company’s own prediction.

In an interview with Yonhap News Agency back in September, Samsung’s IT and Mobile chief Shin Jong-kyun said: “The Galaxy S3 is expected to sell more than 30 million units within this year.” Well, thanks to the sale of 10 million units during September and October, that milestone has been reached prematurely.

As reported by The Next Web in September, sales of the S III had reached 20 million within 100 days of its launch; however, with the release of the iPhone 5 and all of the hype surrounding it, sales have slowed slightly. Despite this drop in pace, reaching the 30 million mark is still very significant and shows us that people continue to love the S III, irrespective of what the latest iPhone is doing.

Commenting on the news, Samsung’s JK Shin provided this statement:

The Galaxy S III continues to be a runaway favorite with customers across the world. Meeting this sales milestone in five months sets another record for Samsung, we are extremely proud and yet motivated to continue to provide our customers with products they love. On behalf of Samsung Mobile, I appreciate millions of customers around the world that have chosen the Samsung GALAXY S III.”

Having just posted record profits of $7.4 billion for the third quarter, this year has been tremendously successful for Samsung and despite legal wrangling’s with Apple, the Korean manufacturer continues to go from strength-to-strength. During a similar 150 day period, the Galaxy S II sold 10 million units worldwide and the company has reported that the new Galaxy Note II has sold more than 3 million units in less than 37 days – three times the amount that the original Galaxy Note posted in its first month.

With the holiday shopping season now fast approaching, Samsung can only expect to boost those sales numbers even further.

– Anthony Carter

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