Samsung Galaxy Note II hits 5 Million Sales Mark in Just Two Months

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Posted 5 years ago

Following on from the news a couple of weeks back that the flagship Galaxy SIII had surpassed 30 million sales in just 150 days, Samsung has revealed more impressive sales figures, this time involving the smartphone-come-tablet Galaxy Note II.

A company spokesman said on Sunday that sales of the latest Note have reached the 5 million mark in as little as two months after launch. The “phablet” as it is affectionately dubbed, has added 2 million shipments to the 3 million sales figure that was reported at the beginning of November, indicating the Samsung were on point when they said that the Note II would double the 10 million sales of its predecessor.

Samsung is a huge presence in markets across the world and the fact that all major US carriers are offering the 5.5-inch device will certainly help boost sales on these shores. The biggest rival of the Note II coming out of Apple is probably the new iPad mini, which sold 3 million units in just two days, after it was launched at the end of last month.

Realistically, the iPad mini is likely to easily outsell the Galaxy Note II in the U.S, but Samsung does have a big advantage in the large Asian market where the phablet is a very popular device.

It does seem though, that Apple view the newest Note as somewhat of a threat, as the Cupertino Company has added it to its multimillion dollar patent lawsuit against Samsung. As reported by Newsday on Sunday (25 November, 2012), Apple has said that the Android Jelly Bean running Note and five other Samsung devices have infringed on patents. In turn, Samsung has moved to add the iPad mini and iPhone 5 to a communications lawsuit of their own, which was filed in April.

Regardless of who is suing who, Samsung smartphones continue to sell in their millions, and if shipments of the Note II continue at their current pace we could see sales reach ten million in the same time that is predecessor reached 5 million.

– Anthony Carter

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