Samsung Galaxy S IV Announcement ‘Confirmed’ for March 14

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Posted 4 years ago

Today is a big day for Taiwanese company HTC as it is set to make an announcement on its new HTC One smartphone. However, just as the One X had its thunder stolen by the juggernaut that is the Samsung Galaxy S III, Korea’s biggest phone manufacturer could be set to take the take the wind from the HTC sails by announcing a new flagship smartphone of its own in the next few weeks.

The “confirmation” that Samsung will “definitely maybe” announce its Galaxy S IV handset began yesterday with a tweet from mobile-review’s Eldar Murtazin, which implied that something was going down on March 14 that would impact negatively on the sales of HTC new flagship smartphone. Having got to work investigating this date, The Verge cited unnamed sources that claimed that an event is scheduled for March 14 and that event is indeed a Samsung shindig. Confirming that the date is “definitely” the day that Samsung plans on revealing new devices, The Verge also noted that the event would be in New York City.

The announcement of the Galaxy S IV is expected to focus on features over specs, with sources saying that the jump in features from the S III to the S IV will be “larger” than the leap in features between the S II and SIII.

Of course, the announcement of the Galaxy S IV is nothing unexpected; the question has always been when it would be unveiled, with many people expecting (or maybe hoping) to see it at Mobile World Congress next week. The date of March 14 obviously means that there will be no flagship smartphone at MWC, but Samsung will surely have something new to show at the event, so what will it be? Well, it could well be the new Galaxy Note 8.0, which has rumored for some time. The tablet has been subject to several leaks over the past couple of months, so MWC seems the perfect time and place for Samsung to reveal the real thing. But we all know the Galaxy S IV is the device that really matters and because of this, March 14 cannot come soon enough.

– Anthony Carter

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