Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Issues Prompt Free Replacements

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Posted 4 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Issues Prompt Free ReplacementsThe Galaxy S4 is a nifty smartphone, chock full of a whole lot of technically great stuff but battery issues have cropped up for thirty percent of its users. Specifically it was Germany’s Galaxy S4 users having battery problems with the device that prompted Samsung to take this course of action in that they will, free of charge, replace the device’s faulty batteries.

BlackBerry users may remember lithium-ion units swelling and pushing into the case of the device, as this has happened in the past to some users; that is what is happening with the Samsung Galaxy S4 . The Samsung Galaxy S4 is also cited as being plagued by a fast-draining power pack.

Samsung issued an official statement whereby they have let Galaxy S4 users be aware that they need to go to their nearest Samsung Electronics service center and get their free replacement battery.

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