Samsung Galaxy S4 Gets Official Unveiling

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Posted 4 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S4 Gets Official UnveilingThe most hotly anticipated phone of the year has arrived! Unveiled in a blaze of glory, backed by a big band and Broadway show tunes, Samsung has shown the world its brand new Galaxy S4.

Samsung’s Unpacked 2013 event at Radio City Hall in New York attracted a press presence bigger than any Apple event of recent years with print and video journalists clambering for a spot to see a Broadway actor introduce Samsung Electronics’ JK Shin, who in turn introduced us to the real star of the show.

Subject of much online debate in recent months with various leaked images and rumored specs surfacing seemingly every day, Samsung’s flagship handset has been finally unveiled for real. In fact, many of the rumored specifications were true; the Galaxy S4 does have a 5-inch display, will run Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 and is equipped with 2GB of RAM. There are, however, some things that weren’t as expected such as a Super AMOLED 1,920 x 1,080 pixels Full HD display as opposed to a much-rumored PHOLED screen and a 7.9mm width and 130-gram weight that better the Galaxy S3.

The screen is something that commands particular admiration, not because it is 5-inches – that was expected – but because of its image density of 441ppi, giving this device a display that surpasses even that of the iPhone 5!

The aforementioned iPhone 5 and the forthcoming iPhone 5S will, of course, be Samsung’s big rivals at the top the market and the Korean giant has left no stone unturned in making this smartphone as good as it possibly could be. When it comes to specs and features, the S4 has little in the way of competition, with only the Sony Xperia Z, HTC One, and LG Optimus G Pro able to provide a challenge. But even then, the speed, compactness, and lightness of the latest Galaxy S means those other phones are unlikely to be anything other than the supporting cast.

One of the outstanding features of the Galaxy S4 is, ironically, one that international markets may never see – a 1.6GHz octa-core Exynos 5 processor. This processor will only be available in European markets and makes the S4 the world’s first eight-core handset. The US market will get a 1.9GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, which is still enough to blow every other device out of the water in terms of raw speed.

Like the Galaxy S3, the S4 has a back panel made from plastic, but with a new polycarbonate material, it does have slightly more of a premium feel. Samsung confirmed that Pebble Blue has been dropped from the choice of colors, the device instead launching in Black Mist and White Frost.

The camera on the S3’s successor has been a big talking point over the past few months and it is pleasing to see that Samsung has put some real effort into delivering a top quality snapper. The rear of the handset boasts a 13-MP camera that has been paired with a 2-MP front facing unit. Several new features have also been introduced: dual-camera recording, Eraser Shot and Story Album.

Smart Scroll and Smart Pause – two features that react to the users gaze – are present, the former adjusting screen location, while the latter pauses content when the user looks away. Air View is also a great addition to the handset, allowing the user to access and view content without actually having to touch the screen.

Other specifications of note include:

  • Cat 3 100/50Mbps (downloads at 100 Mbps, uploads at 50Mbps)

  • Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/a/c (HT80)

  • Bluetooth 4.0, IR LED (Remote Control), MHL 2.0

  • 16GB HD with 32, 64 and microSD

  • Battery: removable 2,600 mAh

  • Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3

Samsung didn’t clarify an exact release date other than to say the S4 would be on shelves sometime in Q2 2013. No details were given on price either, but AT&T, Sprint, Cricket, U.S. Cellular, and T-Mobile will all stock handsets.

It is a bit of shame that no firm information was given on pricing or release date; but hey – with a phone like this I guess Samsung can do exactly how they please!

– Anthony Carter

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