Samsung Knocks Out Windows Update

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Posted 2 years ago


Samsung Profit Drops By 30 PercentSamsung has been disabling the update feature of the Windows operating system on their computers, and in the process may have left their users highly vulnerable.

A researcher, Patrick Barker, announced on Tuesday that his investigation determined that the South Korean tech company has been crippling the Windows Update process for Microsoft’s operating system on their desktop and laptop computers.

Barker, a debugging expert who is a Microsoft certified professional was alerted to the situation on a forum.

He found that Samsung’s own updating process, SW Update, was behind it all.

Specifically, he found a distinct command in the OEM software that led to the Windows Update being shut off.

The immediate concern that was presented was, there was no discernable way to tell if the SW Update was conducting the internal patches and fixes that Microsoft directed their update to do.

Industry observers were surprised and gravely concerned for good reason; if neither update program was fully functioning, the computers would be exposed to malware that specifically goes after already-patched computers.

Microsoft did confirm to the press that it was aware of the situation and that they had reached out to Samsung concerning the problem.

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