Samsung Mishaps At CES: Showbiz Stage Experiece (sic) Needed.

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Posted 4 years ago


Samsung Mishaps At CES: Showbiz Stage Experiece (sic) Needed. The Consumer Electronics Show is turning out to be one busy, engaging affair for all.

Though a few glitches have appeared to mar events a bit for Samsung. In short order, in reverse:

1. Samsung’s 2nd retching moment: “Hollywood is a place that creates a viewer escape”, Director Michael Bay grasped for words not making the most sense with his ad libs, as his CES meltdown prompted by a malfunctioning teleprompter, leaving the businessman speechless, became the 2nd mishap for Samsung at the new products-emporium Nevada showcase. “We’ll wing it right now. I try to take people on an emotional ride. I’m sorry”. Famous last words as the agitated Bay then stormed out of the affair. He had been standing in front of the new Samsung monster-sized curved UHD, 105-inch television screen. He personally came forward in the presence of other Samsung higher-ups, to get emphatically behind, as Michael Bay said he was doing: (a) special curved screen experience with Samsung and ‘Transformers 4’ footage that will travel the world”. A good entrepreneur lesson could be gleaned from this botched scenario, that a businessman doing a little showbiz does not make necessarily for one who can stand in the limelight with ease.

Check out the video:

1. Samsung’s 1st, (earlier), retching moment: Samsung’s rain machine misspelled the word “experience”, as the mock stormy weather’s  falling water setting’s spelling came up with the misnomer — “experiece”. To add insult to injury, this faulty scenario being re-tweeted almost 400 times from Sunday night to Monday afternoon, prompted one wiseacre to tweet back “LEVE SAMSUG ALOE” (sic – all the ‘N’s are missing).

Samsung will probably just be happy when CES 2014 en_s (sic).

Well, nobody’s perfekt.

Rich Casale


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