Samsung Patents Touchless Fingerprint Scanner

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Posted 2 years ago


samsung-transElectronics and mobile giant Samsung has begun the groundwork for new technology developments in fingerprint scanning.

According to reports from the United States Patent Office, the company has obtained a patent for a device that can gain fingerprint recognition without needing one’s touch.

It first works by a user holding up their fingerprint in front of the camera on a mobile device.

The new technology searches for a precise match stored in its memory. It also maneuvers the camera focus to obtain that exact match and provides a guide for users to help with the fingerprint recognition.

The patent was approved by the U.S. Patent Office, but was initially filed in the Intellectual Property Office of South Korea two years ago.

Coincidentally, the patent approval was made public on the same day that Google announced that fingerprint readers would be a part of their new mobile payments app, Android Pay.

The new scanner will also be a focal point of Samsung’s own mobile payment service set to be launched this summer.

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