Samsung Planning to Ditch Android by End of the Year

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Posted 4 years ago

Samsung Planning to Ditch Android by End of the YearOver the past couple of years, Samsung has become the dominant force in the smartphone market, outselling all other Android devices and even putting Apple in the shade at times. The Korean company now carries so much weight that there is a sense that it has actually become bigger than the Google-based operating system, to the point where it no longer needs Android to sell devices. And so it may prove.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Samsung’s executive vice president of mobile Lee Young Hee, revealed plans of his company’s intention to launch “high-end category” smartphones powered by a new Linux kernel, Intel developed, open source operating system called Tizen. The new handsets are scheduled for release between August and September this year and could spell the end of the Samsung/Google relationship before 2013 is out.

According to the Bloomberg report, there are no Tizen smartphones on the market at the moment, but Samsung are just one of ten firms, including Sprint and Intel, that are moving away from Android.

Of course, Google has also made moves in the mobile market last year with the brilliant Nexus 4 and, with the Mountain View-based company’s purchase of Motorola, there is an argument that Google no longer needs to rely on Samsung to sell its OS.

The news of the new operating system comes at a time when the mobile market is firmly dominated by Android and Apple’s iOS and will be worrying for the likes of Windows Phone, BlackBerry and the emerging Firefox – all of whom are in the struggle to carve out a niche of their own. Backed by the juggernaut of Samsung, and with Huawei also said to be developing devices, Tizen instantly has what it takes to be a force and, given the competition, seems like the most obvious rival in the long term, to the market leaders.

As for the future of Samsung Android devices – like the saying goes: all good things must come to an end.

– Anthony Carter

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