Samsung Smartphone’s New Curve For 2014

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Posted 4 years ago


Samsung Smartphone's New Curve For 2014Screens on three sides of the latest Samsung smartphones are what are on the latest curved display models being rolled out. 2014 will be when we get a real good look at the convex wraparound display.

The convex display is an upgrade on what folks might have seen with the Galaxy round which sports a concave display, which is the inverse of this.

As Samsung goes and gets the patent process going, we can get an idea of how the 3-sided screen works. One side can scroll up and down while the user reads independently, the center screen. The side screens will function as a systems general on-screen operator, locking the phone, setting up phone application shortcuts, and fast access to games, folders, etc.

With Samsung, the future is just around the bend.

Rich Casale


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